Our Team


Andrea Koch

Owner/Head Trainer

Andrea has been very fortunate to grow up surrounded by horses; as soon as she could sit up on her own, she was on a horse. She began taking formal lessons at age six, switching between both english and western throughout the years. She began her time as a trainer and teacher working under a hunter/jumper trainer, in exchange for lessons so she was able to continue growing as a rider.
As the trainer moved on from the facility that Andrea was at, she began competing in gymkhana. She had rated up through AA, and won a fair amount of High Point and Reserve High Point placings.
As the horse Andrea was competing with started to get older, they decided to retire her and Andrea went back to work with another hunter/jumper trainer. She taught lessons to all ages and levels of rider, as well as helped with camps, and the management of the barn. 
As that trainer moved on, Andrea decided to continue with her own business. 
Her main goal is to create happy and educated horses and riders. Andrea has followed the philosophies of Warwick Schiller in training both of her personal horses, as well as client horses. Andrea understands not all horses work the same and has made a point to understand each horse as an individual. She has made it a point  to keep all training experiences positive and rewarding, as well as learn about the biomechanics of horse and rider so training sessions are comfortable and positive both mentally and physically! She aims to create strong riders and solid partnerships between horse and rider.
Andrea focuses on training horses to be responsive to seat and leg aids, and light in the hand.


"I think many people want intimate moments with their horses ALL the time which means they use the horse to get what they want. I provide intimate moments when the horse needs it, and leadership when the horse needs it."
~Warwick Schiller


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